The Alayah Foundation

School Supplies for Low Income Children of Ventura County


The Alayah Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that serves all of Ventura County, California. The Alayah Foundation's goal is to alleviate the burden of buying school supplies for low income families in Ventura County by soliciting, collecting, storing, and distributing school supplies to low income people and families. The Alayah Foundation receives support from the general public, charitable organizations, corporate sponsorship and various governmental agencies.

It is estimated that the number of children who need services from the Alayah Foundation will increase during the next five years. Ventura County is growing, losing jobs and new families are entering the area. A number of programs exist to help transition these new families into the county. The Alayah Foundation is an important resource for these new families with school age children.

The Alayah Foundation collects school supplies from various sources, holds them at its facility in the city of Ventura and distributes the school supplies to low-income families of Ventura County. The majority of the school supplies we distribute are in the form of a backpack. Individuals or families, who are low income can receive individual items as well. Each backpack will be put together on a grade level basis. The backpacks may include but are not limited to, paper, pencils, pens, binder, folders, ruler, calculator, etc.

Our service improves the ability of families to care for children and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. The Alayah Foundation's services, now, are a small investment in comparison to the cost of ignoring the problem in the county and the influence it has on a number of social and economic issues.

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