The Alayah Foundation

School Supplies for Low Income Children of Ventura County

We would like to thank all of our donors!


Harvey & Barbara Yago, Bill & Kathie Costelo, Helen Ostrovsky, Al &Jackie Resinck, Bill & Sofia Mounday, Annie Jones, Karlenne Goff, Agi & Erwin Haas, G. L. Gillespie, Marguerite Daubert, Shirley & Morris Finkelstein, Leon & Phyllis Rosenberg, Danny & Margaret Manriquez, Gema Pacheco, Laura Jones, Andrew Heersink, Gloria and Donald Weber, Jo and John Alfano, Laurie Kroener, J & R Reuter, Rhonda and Marcus Washington, Cronies Bar and Grill of Ventura, Gema and Oswaldo Pacheco, Helen L. Schenker, Richard & Carolyn VanderZwaag, Sather's Insurance

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