The Alayah Foundation

School Supplies for Low Income Children of Ventura County

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child needs school supplies. Who is eligible to receive the supplies?

A: If your child will be in Kindergarten - Grade 12 and is eligible for the federally funded school lunch program, they will be able to receive these free school supplies.

Q: Where and how do I get them?

A: We have an annual distribution at various places in Ventura County . Please check our distribution page for a location near you. You will also need to fill out a registration form which you can view and print by clicking here.

Q: When will the school supplies be available?

A: The school supplies will generally be available two (2) weeks before the first day of school.

Q: My child is in private school. Where can I obtain supplies for my child?

A: If your child attends private school on a scholarship and is eligible for the federally funded school lunch program, they are eligible to receive these free school supplies.

Q: How can I get supplies after the distribution date?

A: Unfortunately, the Alayah Foundation only has a limited amount of school supplies available. Once the supplies are distributed, there may not be any more available from the Alayah Foundation. Please give us a call at (805) 672-0463 or email us at for information on supplies.

Q: How can I help?

A: There are many ways to make a difference. You can donate money, supplies or your time. To donate supplies, go to our wish list page and pick the item(s) you would like to donate and send them to us. If you are in Ventura County , call or send an email and we pick them up. You can also help with initial backpack setup, Distribution and shopping. Click on the volunteering link to find out more.

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